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Exit Strategy

Few people I know are coming out of the past 3 years the same people they were on the way in. Almost everyone I know has experienced highs, lows, and wildly unpredicted changes to the life they once knew. I’m no different. There have… Continue Reading “Exit Strategy”

Go Ahead and Quit. For a Minute.

If you’ve been involved with showing horses for any length of time, you’ve struggled at one point or another. Something you want to do isn’t going right, something you want the horse to do isn’t going right, and you look at everyone else and… Continue Reading “Go Ahead and Quit. For a Minute.”

Blue Ribbons and Facebook Likes

By Karen L. Waite, Ph. D. Earlier this year I was speaking at a (pre Pandemic) Horse industry conference and afterwards a young person asked…”how did you learn to be ok with not winning? “ My first response? I was a bit flabbergasted. I… Continue Reading “Blue Ribbons and Facebook Likes”

Perfect Practice (May) Make Perfect Performance, But Poor Practice Makes a Mess

By Karen L. Waite, Ph. D. I was minding my own business…scrolling through Facebook as one does when avoiding laundry, and I came across a post that got my attention.  It seemed innocent enough at first…two young ladies in the show ring, one in… Continue Reading “Perfect Practice (May) Make Perfect Performance, But Poor Practice Makes a Mess”

There Aren’t Prizes for the Things That Matter Most…But There Should Be

By Karen L. Waite, Ph.D. A week or so ago, I judged an open show.  I mean, it was sort of an open show, but also, sort of an Arabian breed show at the same time, which is pretty cool.  It also had some… Continue Reading “There Aren’t Prizes for the Things That Matter Most…But There Should Be”

Maybe Participation Trophies Aren’t The Problem

By Karen Waite, Ph. D. In the last few weeks one of my (least) favorite topics has come up several times…that of the “participation trophy” and the fact that the world is obviously doomed to fail because some organizations have chosen not to place… Continue Reading “Maybe Participation Trophies Aren’t The Problem”

What to Do When The Fair Isn’t Fair

Photo by Jaye Nevins   By Karen Waite It’s that time of year again! If you live in the Midwest, you may have noticed that it’s county fair season…that age old bastion of tradition, education (intentional and otherwise), drama, intrigue, teen romance, and corn… Continue Reading “What to Do When The Fair Isn’t Fair”

Grit Isn’t Just For Chickens

By Karen L. Waite, Ph. D. If you are a friend on my personal Facebook page, I’m sure at some point you’ve thought “Why does this insufferable woman post so much?  And why does she always post about her FAILURES?  Who DOES that?”  Great… Continue Reading “Grit Isn’t Just For Chickens”

Work Smarter AND Harder

Photo credit: A lot has been said about Goal Setting. If you Google goal setting or SMART goals, you can spend weeks going through the 18, 800,000 hits, if you’ve got that kind if time.  And little wonder…it’s an important skill. It’s hard… Continue Reading “Work Smarter AND Harder”

When Your Mom is “That Mom”(Ok Not MY Mom)

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I’m not sure why I wasn’t more prepared…in hindsight, I should have been. I was speaking at a scientific section meeting on the topic of the human aspect of show horse welfare (part of my “day… Continue Reading “When Your Mom is “That Mom”(Ok Not MY Mom)”