Month: February 2014

Looking for a reason…

When I started this blog, I figured I’d mostly write about showing horses, the horse industry, sports psychology and the like.  And I’m sure that will be the primary focus…but “Out of the Box (Stall)” thinking isn’t limited to those topics actually, and besides,… Continue Reading “Looking for a reason…”

Two Horses Walk Into a Bar…or a Turnout Lot

When you look at the picture included with this post. What do you see?  At first glance, you’re probably thinking something on the order of “two horses in a turn out together, duh.”  In actuality, what this photo represents is a great deal of… Continue Reading “Two Horses Walk Into a Bar…or a Turnout Lot”

Not being negative…just honest. (What?)

Recently, in a horse industry related Facebook group I am part of, someone essentially made this statement.  This was in response to a conversation about Western Pleasure horses, that (as such conversations typically do) had spun wildly out of control.  In a big fat… Continue Reading “Not being negative…just honest. (What?)”