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FYI…All Criticism Isn’t Constructive

It was never really my intention to write solely about horse judging and horse shows here, although there is typically no shortage of material in that “arena”. It certainly was never my intention to write specifically about Western Pleasure either. I think it’s safe… Continue Reading “FYI…All Criticism Isn’t Constructive”

2015 in review

It has been exciting (and interesting) 2015!  Thank you for your support and here’s to an even better 2016!   The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House… Continue Reading “2015 in review”

Adulting is a Pain

Well, as previously mentioned, I’ve got enough material to fuel a few posts now. I know some of my friends are probably thinking ”LET IT GO, ALREADY.  JUST STOP TALKING.  OR WRITING.” Sorry folks. It’s a process. If it makes you feel any better… Continue Reading “Adulting is a Pain”

Unless You Know Me, You Don’t Actually Know Me. (Or Anyone Else)

Last week I started my post by suggesting that I was the “world’s worst blogger” because I only wrote when I was inspired. Well, what a difference a week makes. I’m “inspired” now, I tell you. I’ve got enough material to last quite awhile.… Continue Reading “Unless You Know Me, You Don’t Actually Know Me. (Or Anyone Else)”

To Tweet or Not To Tweet…

There are all sorts of opinions these days regarding horse (and livestock) judges, and whether or not they should be using social media, and/or how. This always strikes me as funny when I hear it…because social media is such an integral part of both… Continue Reading “To Tweet or Not To Tweet…”

Get Out of Your Box Stall

A week or so ago, I rode my horse bareback, in a cornfield, for the first time in well over 20 years. I suppose I should clarify…it was the first time I’d ridden bareback in over 20 years. I’m not sure I’ve ever ridden… Continue Reading “Get Out of Your Box Stall”

Success Doesn’t Happen in a Straight Line

I bought a Reining horse this summer. After 35 plus years of All-Around events, Showmanship and the like, I bought a Reining horse. I was looking for something new, something different, and something that I would have to learn more or less from scratch.… Continue Reading “Success Doesn’t Happen in a Straight Line”

Losing Doesn’t Mean You’re Bad (and Winning Doesn’t Mean You’re Good)

While judging a recent horse show, the following thought occurred to me. “Just because you don’t win, doesn’t mean you’re not good.” I was in the middle of trying to sort out a very nice western pleasure class (settle down folks. It does happen.)… Continue Reading “Losing Doesn’t Mean You’re Bad (and Winning Doesn’t Mean You’re Good)”

The Bling is (not) the Thing.

I am going to start this post by saying I love clothes. All kinds of clothes, and of course shoes and jewelry too. There is something about finding just the right outfit that makes the whole day seem better.  Sometimes I even feel like… Continue Reading “The Bling is (not) the Thing.”

Five Myths of Horse Show Judging

By Karen Waite With Fair season in full swing, it seemed like a good time to reshare this post from a couple of years ago.  Feeling like “Judging Judges”?  Here are a few things to consider… With show season just around the corner, like… Continue Reading “Five Myths of Horse Show Judging”