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Baggage Claim: Five Tips For Managing Horse Show Nerves

By Karen L. Waite, Ph.D. I went to college with a kid who wanted to be a parole officer. He had also been in jail a few times. Some found this odd…I thought it was genius. Who better to understand the thought process of… Continue Reading “Baggage Claim: Five Tips For Managing Horse Show Nerves”

Horses Take Us Places

By Karen Waite It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…it was Facebook. I have a love hate relationship with Facebook, and lately (and by that I mean for the last 5-7 years) it’s been much more hate than love.… Continue Reading “Horses Take Us Places”


By Karen L. Waite, Ph.D. The first blog post I ever wrote was “The Five Myths of Horse Judging”. At the time, I don’t think I had a specific plan for what this blog would really be “about”, I just knew that I had… Continue Reading “#Judgin’Ain’teasy”

Open Horse Show Judging: One Part Super Hero, and a Whole Lot of Satan

By Karen L. Waite, Ph.D. If you’re a 4-H member, the Horse Judge at your county fair is an odd combination of one part rock star, one part super hero, and a whole lot of Satan, depending on the day, class or minute…and each… Continue Reading “Open Horse Show Judging: One Part Super Hero, and a Whole Lot of Satan”

Thank God For Aqua-Net…and Other Things I Can’t Always Say When Judging Horse Shows

Photo credit: Rick Barnes By Karen L. Waite, Ph. D. This is for the ones who are just getting started, or even those who’ve been at it awhile, but can’t quite figure out how to get better. The ones who go to horse shows… Continue Reading “Thank God For Aqua-Net…and Other Things I Can’t Always Say When Judging Horse Shows”

Adulting is a Pain

Well, as previously mentioned, I’ve got enough material to fuel a few posts now. I know some of my friends are probably thinking ”LET IT GO, ALREADY.  JUST STOP TALKING.  OR WRITING.” Sorry folks. It’s a process. If it makes you feel any better… Continue Reading “Adulting is a Pain”

To Tweet or Not To Tweet…

There are all sorts of opinions these days regarding horse (and livestock) judges, and whether or not they should be using social media, and/or how. This always strikes me as funny when I hear it…because social media is such an integral part of both… Continue Reading “To Tweet or Not To Tweet…”

Get Out of Your Box Stall

A week or so ago, I rode my horse bareback, in a cornfield, for the first time in well over 20 years. I suppose I should clarify…it was the first time I’d ridden bareback in over 20 years. I’m not sure I’ve ever ridden… Continue Reading “Get Out of Your Box Stall”

Five Myths of Horse Show Judging

By Karen Waite With Fair season in full swing, it seemed like a good time to reshare this post from a couple of years ago.  Feeling like “Judging Judges”?  Here are a few things to consider… With show season just around the corner, like… Continue Reading “Five Myths of Horse Show Judging”